Self Storage in Leicester, Coventry & Castle Donington.

For containers:  We provide a padlock that fits under the lockbox.  If you lose your keys we can provide 2 spare keys at a cost of £25+VAT.

If you provided the lock yourself, then we cannot help but we can cut off any type of lock from a door handle for a fee of £35+VAT.  However if you have lost the keys to your own padlock locked under the lock box, then we will need to employ a welder to cut away the lock box and your lock. This is a very expensive service as whe will then have to reweld the lock box onto the container and re paint the box. This service costs £230+VAT as we pay outside contractors to provide this service.

For Access Codes: Please log onto your account to view your access code.

Combination codes for main gates: contact us on 0116 3409940 or

No. We do not insure your contents, it is up to you to do so.

Please click here for a letter to your insurers that may help you get off site insurance on your household or business standard insurance policies.

Security of our sites is our utmost priority. We have installed HD CCTV coverage; all sites are floodlit and the combination locks on the gates are changed regularly. We also have a security patrol who checks the gates are locked each evening.

To switch on flood lights, simply press ‘Touch’ on the lamp post and the flood lights will come on for approximately 20 minutes or they will automatically be on when it is dark.