Self Storage in Leicester, Coventry & Castle Donington.

Pricing & Discounts

Monthly Rental Prices

We charge for each storage container, or storage room, monthly in advance (unless you choose 6 monthly or 12 monthly discounts) by charging your payment method. We do not offer credit accounts and every customer must register a valid payment method (credit card or debit card) which will be charged automatically by our website.

We also charge a one off £95 security deposit per container or room. This will be refunded when you leave you container or room clean and empty at the end of your rental and return the lock and keys we provided.


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Ground Floor Containers – available at all locations

Top Deck Containers – available at Leicester North only

Access to top deck containers is up a set of steps, therefore access is not as convenient as ground floor containers. The prices are lower to reflect this. Please see further information on top deck containers by clicking here


6 Monthly
12 Monthly
(10% SAVING)

10ft Container
(ground floor)
£100 + VAT
£570 + VAT
(equivalent to £95 per month)

£1080 + VAT
(equivalent to £90 per month)

10ft Container
(top deck)
£90 + VAT
£510 + VAT
(equivalent to £85 per month)

£972 + VAT
(equivalent to £81 per month)

20ft Container
(ground floor)
£140 + VAT
£798 + VAT
(equivalent to £133 per month)

£1,512 + VAT
(equivalent to £126 per month)

20ft Container
(top deck)
£120 + VAT
£684 + VAT
(equivalent to £114 per month)

£1,296 + VAT
(equivalent to £108 per month)

40ft Container
(ground floor)
£280 + VAT
h£1,596 + VAT
(equivalent to £266 per month)

£3,024 + VAT
(equivalent to £252 per month)

VAT is charged at 20% on all container rentals, however there is no VAT on the £95 deposit


It is normal for customers to pay only 1 months rental in advance, however we offer large discounts for customers wishing to pay rental upfront for longer periods:

  • 10% off – For 12 months rental in advance
  • 5% off – For 6 months rental in advance

We cannot refund long term rental if you decide to vacate the container before the end of the advance payment period.

Discounts are available when you book your container and will be applied at checkout on all storage containers. Please note, the £95 security deposit cannot be discounted.

Business Rates & VAT

If you are a business please note that you will NOT pay business rates when you rent a container. We pay business rates so that you don’t have to!

Grey Box Self Storage is VAT registered and all prices exclude VAT which will be charged at 20% (with the exception of container deposits, which have no VAT added).

Our VAT registration number is GB406204735.

Invoices and orders

You can log on to your account on our website with the email address you originally used to set up your account. All orders are listed in your ‘My Account’ section of the website, where you can also find downloadable invoices for anything we have charged to your payment method.

Price changes

We will always give you fair notice if we need to change the rental charges of your container.

All customers will receive notice at least 30 days before their next rental payment is due.

Security Deposit Refunds

We charge a £95 security deposit on each container rental. We hold this deposit whilst you remain a customer of Grey Box Self Storage.

When you vacate your container, we will refund the full amount to the payment method used to pay for your rental, provided you leave your container clean and empty. Refunds are made within 30 days of your vacation date.

What happens if I don’t pay my bills?

Please always talk to us if you don’t think you will be bale to pay your bill and we will always try and help.

We charge your payment method automatically for your monthly or regular subscriptions and if your payment methid does not work, we will imediatley email you. We will do this several times and all you need to do is log onto your account and change your payment method for one that works and has enough funds.

If you do not contact us for help and your payment method keeps failing, we do apply administration charges to recover the debt. We will also restric access to your container or storage unit until all fees and subscriptions and paid in full.

Please click here for a full list of charges in the case of unpaid bills.