Self Storage in Leicester, Coventry & Castle Donington.

27 Brindley Road, Bayton Industrial Estate, Exhall, Coventry, CV7 9EP

Offices 27-1 and 27-2 (including exclusive use of the reception area and WC/wash room off Office 27-1), plus yard as outlined in green on the plan below.

The rental agreement will start on 2nd January 2024.

To reserve this office and yard, we will require a security deposit. The deposit, equivalent to two months rent, will be refundable upon termination of the agreement, provided the premises are left in the same condition as they were found and all rent has been paid. A schedule of condition will be created on the first day of tenancy and signed by both parties.

The deposit will not be refunded should you change your mind after placing your order for any reason to cover our loss of profits and preperation costs.

It is assumed the purpose of the customers business that will trade from this address is van/car rental.


  • Rent is due every month in advance by credit/debit card.
  • You will pay rent by signing up to a subscription on our website and resistering a credit or debit card against your account. We will charge this payment method on the 2nd day of each month
  • Rent reviews will be made at Grey Box Self Storage every year, in line with market prices for self storage premises.
  • Temporary signage can be erected, but must be authorised by Grey Box Self Storage prior to erection. All signage must be removed and the building returned to its original state at the end of the agreement.
  • A socket can be installed by the customer outside for the purposes of hoovering and cleaning the internal parts of the vehicles in the yard, however it is prohibited to clean the outside of the vehicles with a hose pipe of any description as this is prohibited by the owner of the buildings.
  • Notice will be 90 days by either Grey Box Self Storage or the customer.
  • Vehicles cannot be parked on the road/pathway in front of unit 25 or restrict the access to gate 1.


  • £1,880 + VAT per month (including business rates)
  • Rent will be charged monthly in advance to the payment method on your website account
  • Rent reviews will be yearly

Security Deposit

  • £3,760 + VAT
  • See terms above

Utility Bills, will be charged proportionaly as follows:

  • Electricity & Water – 50% of the monthly bill
  • Gas – 90% of the monthly bill


  • Grey Box Self Storage insure the buildings only
  • The customer must insure all contents and vehicles on the premises.